Step 1 of 5: QUOTE

Please answer these questions to get an online Happy Tails - Dog Quotation

1. Is your pet aged between 16 weeks and below 9 years old?
2. Is your pet micro-chipped?
3. Has your pet been spayed or neutered?
4. Has your pet ever had a surgical procedure or advised to have surgical procedure which has not been performed (exclude routine spay/neuter procedure)?
5. Multiple Pets Discount
Happy Tails Insurance covers 1 pet per policy only. To be eligible for multiple pets discount on this application:

a. You must hold a valid Happy Tails policy with MSIG currently or
b. You are purchasing more than one policy on the same day.

Based on either one of the condition above, are you eligible for multiple pets discount?
Happy Tails is underwritten by MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. and distributed by Aon Singapore Pte. Ltd.
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