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*Person(s) To Be Insured
1 Self        
  (Based on year of birth)  
2 Self & Spouse Self Spouse No. of children
  (Based on year of birth)   (Based on year of birth)  
  Note :
i.    The Plan selected for your spouse will be the same as yours.
ii.   Free Cover for Child(ren) - Up to 3 children if you and your spouse enroll at the same time for the same plan.
3 Self & Child(ren) Self No. of children  
  (Based on year of birth)  
Paid Cover for Child(ren) - Up to 3 children if you enrol with your children subject to additional premium for each child covered.

Child refers to the Insured's biological or legally adopted and unmarried Child aged between 1 year to 18 years or 23 years if pursuing full-time education in a recognised tertiary institution within his/her Usual Country of Residence as Singapore.

Child cover is at 10% of the sum insured for accidental death, permanent and total disablement and medical expenses benefits under the plan selected by the Applicant.
* Period of Insurance : From DDMMYYYY    To DDMMYYYY

Occupation Group

Self Occupation
Spouse Occupation
Group 1 Occupations :

Professional, managerial, administrative and non-manual occupations involving work of in-door and non-hazardous nature.

E.g. Doctor, lawyer, architect, accountant, auditor, engineer, manager, teacher, executive, clerical personnel, banker, administrator, secretary, stockbroker, indoor sales and marketing personnel (office premises), nurse, surgeon (non-veterinary), indoor salesperson, retiree and homemaker.

Group 2 Occupations :

Professions and occupations of supervisory nature or outdoor not involving the use of tools or machinery of special hazards.

E.g. engineer, non-electrical technician, storekeeper, outdoor salesperson, tour guide, driving instructor, sales promoter, lifeguard, decorator (supervisory), foreman (non-construction), surveyor, insurance agent, property agent, unarmed security guard (office/residential premises), barber, hairstylist, beautician, fitness instructor, full-time student (above 18 years old), supervisor, veterinary surgeon, storekeeper, cleaner and waiter.

For professions and occupations not mentioned above, please contact us at +65 6827 7602 or email us at if you wish to apply for ProtectionPlus insurance.

The following professions and occupations are excluded from cover :
    a)   full time military personnel, law enforcement officer, civil defence officer, security officer, navy, fire fighter
    b)   professional sportsperson, entertainer, motor vehicle or motor bike racer
    c)   off-shore occupation such as diver, rig worker, fisherman; ship crew
    d)   shipyard crew; work on board sea vessel
    e)   air crew; work on board aircraft
    f)   construction worker, work at heights above 30 feet or work underground, in tunnels, demolition and quarry worker
    g)   worker engaged in maintenance, cleaning, roofing or repair activities involving scaffolding or gondola
    h)   in any occupation dealing with explosives, poisonous or hazardous gases or substances
Note: This is not a contract of insurance. The benefits of the insurance are payable only upon an accident occurring. Terms & conditions apply.

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